Top 15 Male Cosplayers: Abs, Biceps and Chests Oh My!!

9/16/2016 12:27:18 PM

Sean Chong-Umeda

Top 15 Male Cosplayers: Abs, Biceps and Chests Oh My!!

Male cosplayers are becoming bigger and bigger as the cosplay community expands.  Though not as popular as their female counterparts, male cosplayers put just as much time and dedication into their craft.  Though seen as being 'weird' or 'feminine' to the outside, many people applaud the male cosplayers for coming out of their comfort zone and prove that everyone in the community can cosplay. In no particular order, this is the TOP 15 Male Cosplayers.

1. Hana and Baozi

Facebook: @hanaandbaozi

Hana and Baozi are two famous male cosplayers hailing from China. A couple of over 4 years, these two men have some of the strongest cosplays. Hana is the adorable make-up wizard of the duo. Look through his cosplays and be amazed at every inch of details and perfection in it. He ususally cosplays as female characters. Baozi is extremely skilled and talented in prop-making. His stunning and detailed props never failed to wow the audience and can be seen in his cosplays. Boazi often plays the role as the male character.

2. Yoshi Sudarso

Twitter: @yoshisudarso

A model, actor, stuntsman, power ranger, and cosplayer, Yoshi Sudarso has it all! Born Yoshua Sudarso in Jakarta, Indonesia, Yoshi moved to Los Angeles when he was 10 years old. Here in Los Angles, Yoshi pursued acting, modeling, and so much more. He has been in commercials for samsung, and sony to name a few. He has doen stunts work for "The Maze Runner" and was the blue power ranger in Power Rangers Dino Charge as Koda. He has a younger brother Peter who both make youtube videos together under the youtube Apartment 210.

3. Peter Adrian


Peter Sudarso is an actor, model, stunsman, cosplayer and the newest generation Power Ranger. Brother of Yoshi, both he and his sibling moved to LA at an early age and began working hard to build a name for themselves. Peter has acted, been on many photoshoots and calenders, and most recently became the blue ranger of Power Ranger Ninja Steel. Being an avid fashion blogger, Peter constantly updates his looks an instagram and creates skits with his brother and other friends.

4. Twin Cosplay

Twitter: @twincosplay

Twin Cosplay is a duo of two male cosplayers, Shema and Juan Carlos from Mexico. Twin Cosplay are the 2015 World Cosplay Summit Winners as well as renowned cosplayers in Mexico. These two have been invited to many cosplay conventions and competitions as either guests or judges. Some of these include Bamboo Fest, Seikon Expo, Cosplay Parade, Motto Fest and Anime Impulse 2017. The duos cosplays are a mixture of delight and excuisite taste in how the characters look and feel.

5. D Piddy


Acclaimed Youtuber, cosplayer, Deadpool's number 1 fan and apparently a big deal, D Piddy is a name everyone should know. Mixing his comedy with cosplay and Youtube, his audience will always have the time of their life with his videos. A longtime fan of comics and attender of fan conventions D Piddy didn't find out about Deadpool till he saw him in his cousin's trading cards. D Piddy and Deadpool's persoanlity are inseparable. They are two in a two in one burrito!

6. Jayem Sison

Twitter: @Jayemsison

Jayem is a famous Phillipino cosplayer known for cosplaying as Grey Fullbuster from Fairy Tail. An avid fitness enthusiast, Jayem loves to collect figures of his favorite anime and manga as well as do photography. When not working out, he loves playing video games and being with his dog. Though known for his Fairy Tail character, he has other favorites from series such as Tekken and Attack on Titans.


Facebook: @Chrisvillain

Chris Villain is a youtuber, actor, singer, anime addict and pokemon master!! Knwon for his gender bent cosplays and youtube vidoes, Chris is able to mix both of his passions into one format. Chris' youtube videos are a mixture of vlogs and cosplay creations, where he combines cosplay and singing together.  He is known for many cosplays including Harley Quinn, Ariel, Elsa, Beats Boy, Kiba from Naruto and more.


Twitter: @Brosephdavid

Joseph is an cosplayer, actor, model and gamer. He is most known for his Suicide Joker cosplay, which led him to win the Suicide Squad Cosplay Contest. He has always loved cosplaying and being able to debut with the Suicide Squad during the San Diego Comic Con was his dream.  Now he continues to create stunning cosplays, though the Joker will always have a special place in his heart.

9.Liui Aquino

Twitter: @LiuiAquino

Liui is an internatinoal cosplayer from the Phillipines. An avid anime and manga fan, he gained notoriaity for cosplaying as Hiccup from How to Train your Dragon. Now he flies all around the world competing and juding cosplay competitions.  He came across cosplay on year 2010. This is when he attended his first ever anime convention. After seeing exquisite costumes and being inspired by admirable craftsmanship, he got hooked in to this hobby. He was also delighted that he was able to make friends with people who shared the same interest.

10. Philmizuno

Facebook: @Philmizuno

Phil is a Canadian cosplayer.  Known throughout Canada for his amazing skills and eye to detial, Phil travels as a cosplay guest and judge for many conventions. Phil is known for many looks, some includding Koga from Inuyasha, Gilgamesh, and Kuroshitsuji from The Black Butler. Phil works hard on his looks and constatly tries to find ways to become better. 



Okageo has been cosplaying since 2008 and throughout his journey he had learned many various way on how to make cosplay. His goal is to keep the hobby fun and cost efficient under $100 on any costumes. He has been invited to many countries around the world as guest of honor to judge for various events such as cosplay contest to and a preliminary world cosplay summit contest. He had cosplay for companies such as Elsword, Crunchyroll, Nerdblock and a TV show "called to Cosplay" to promote games and anime.

12.Junkers Cosplay

Facebook: @JunkersCosplayer

Johnny is a Navy veteran turned engineer and cosplayer. Currently working as a full time engineer he creates costumes as a hobby for both fun and profit. Starting cosplay in 2011 with few tools and resources he was given the chance to work on a team to create a promotional piece for Bioware’s Mass Effect 2 at San Diego Comic Con 2011. Even with a large background in video game costuming he still works closest with as a Cosplay Ambassador, creating promotional pieces for their streaming anime. He has been featured prominently as the season 1 winner of MYX TV’s “Call to Cosplay” as well as returning in the second and third seasons as a judge.

13.Jin (behindinfinity)

Facebook: @Jin

Jin is a Filipino cosplayer from the Philipines.  An avid fan of all things anime and manga, he is a part of a cosplay team knwon as Tux Team. Jin loves to cosplay as many characters, his most recent favorite is from the Big Hero 6.  Jin loves to cosplay as Naruto and as Sora from Kingdom Hearts.  He and his team have traveled to foreign countries to judge cosplay competitions.


Facebook: @Adonis

Andois is a cosplayer and certified cyborg! Hes very much into cosplay and loves to cosplay as Kakashi from Naruto.  When not at the gym working on his fitness or next cosplay, he enjoys all things anime and manga.  He loves to be goofy in and out of cosplay and loves to support others in their cosplay endeavors.

15.Michael Hamm

Facebook: @MichaelHamm

Michael is a cosplayer who loves to cosplay as superheros.  An avid fan of the comics, he decided to bring his imagination and comics to life via cosplay. Michael loves to cosplay as his favorite heroes. These include Robin, Nightwing, Aquaman and Spinderman to name a few. Michael loves to mix and match cosplays as well, creating something new and amazing every single time.

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