The Top 75 Anime Style Artists to Follow on Instagram

12/15/2016 10:46:33 AM

The Top 75 Anime Style Artists to Follow on Instagram

With anime expanding and taking over the world, many are inspired by some great illustrators. Taking pen and pencil, the next generation of artists are using social media to promote their art. From drawings to water colors, 3-D art and even food, these instagram artists are killing the anime scene with their own interpretations of classic characters and their own creations as well. Maybe one day they will be the next Naruto or One Piece? Either way social media has been a great tool to see new talent rising! Here are the top 75 Anime Artists on Instagram, each with their own special following.

1. Kuvshinov Ilya

@kuvshinov ilya

2. lariennechan


3. Yenkoes


4. Nashimanga


5. Sasucchi95


6. Aokamei


7. Drawing Dalia

@drawing dalia

8. Mitsumayo


9. Saowee


10. Keinagaki


11. Colorful.3.6.5


12. Peaceloving_pax

@peaceloving pax

13. Relseiy


14. Duss005


15. Inkotori  


16. Razem Art  


17. Otaku_sn    


18. Reivaille    


19. Diebbie  


20. Meiriri Vega


21. Danas_sketchbook    


22. John Ed De Vera 

23. Kono_mii    


24. Jordan Persegati  


25. Paintingswow  


26. Sailormoon_sc  


27. Albin_smaili97 

28. Ichidanmepile  


29. Feefal  


30. Marta Adán    


31. Artsbycarlos  


32. Mangakaua983  


33. Minami_oo    


34. Lunatic Joker  


35. Carrie South  


36. Pixivs

37. Hectortrunnec    


38. Cristinaart_    


39. Jia120398    


40. Kamo_chi  


41. Alli White  


42. Studio_odin  


43. G.h.o.u.l_of_t.o.k.y.o  


44. Tomashiba    


45. GhostofCrows  


46. _david__freeman_


47. Arthur Philippe  


48. _ant_  


49. Elvira_drawing_art  


50. Hori Benny    


51. Curiousherring  


52. Mimonest   


53. Blau678  


54. Orbitalswan 

55. Yaraberry  


56. Samuraidepapel 

57. Annimint    


58. Little Paper Forest 

59. Van____van  


60. Unagidonburi 

61. Dariendoodles    


62. Meatspice 

63. Kokurie    


64. Shimamo1026   


65. AJ Putra    


66. Beyonddz    


67. Belcorno  


68. NarimanART  


69. 7mattie7 

70. Art by Akito    


71. Mai_c1106 

72. Cinnamon0911  


73. Sarroro 

74. Creatiflux   


75. Nekoyanyan

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