The Top 10 Best Japanese Visual Novels to Help You Explore New Worlds and Adventures!

3/30/2017 10:01:26 AM

Ashlyn Dickson

The Top 10 Best Japanese Visual Novels to Help You Explore New Worlds and Adventures!

The mundane rituals of ever day life can become tedious, if not stagnant. That's why we always seek out different forms of entertainment to allow us to escape and live out entirely new fantastical versions of ourselves. Visual novels are some of the best versions of entertainment that provide not only beautiful story-telling, but eye-catching art as well. 

We've reviewed the best Japanese Language books, Cookbooks and History Books. Now we invite you to explore these best Japanese visual novels as they will truly take you to worlds you could not even imagine!

1. Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth

´╗┐This interactive love story brings a whole new meaning to the well-known historical figures you already know and love!

Enter Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth to venture on a 19th century Victorian journey with five different dashing bachelors all vying for your heart. These men, each taking various approaches to capture your attention, include favorites such as Victor Frankenstein, Arsene Lupin, Abraham Van Helsing, Impey Barbican, and Count Saint-Germain. This realm, embellished by Gothic-Victorian inspired scenery and costumes, will sweep you off your feet in the fairy tale romance you've always wanted! Each choice you make throughout the visual novel will determine your happy ending, each one unlocking secrets of the past and countless aspects of the story. Your decisions also effect your relationship with each of the five men, in turn uncovering their hidden backstories and furthering their love for you. Dare to travel in this whimsical steampunk world of Code: Realize Guardian Rebirth to solve mysteries and fall in love with unlikely heroes!

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2. Steins; Gate

The anime Steins;Gate swept the world with its intricate narrative and compelling characters. Now's your chance to dive into the the story and choose the fate of the fictional universe from the tip of your fingertips!

Enter a time-travel based plot that twists and turns at every corner, leaving you unable to predict how your decisions will ultimately play out. The art is absolutely captivating, the story complex, and the voice-acting utterly convincing! Through the use of sending text messages, teenager scientists have created a modified microwave to alter the past. As they continue to experiment on their time-traveling texts, they find themselves involved in a tangled conspiracy involving SERN, a company that failed to recreate time travel, and a man who claimed to have come from a nightmarish dystopian future. Can you choose the correct paths to avoid detrimental consequences? We really love Steins;Gate as it challenges you mentally and emotionally, all while providing beautiful visuals and enticing characters. 

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3. Rewrite