Hatsune Miku Cosplay Tutorial Part 2

4/17/2017 10:22:52 PM

Ashlyn Dickson

Hatsune Miku Cosplay Tutorial Part 2

Arm Warmers

Hatsune Miku's design is memorable in a number of ways, but one aspect of her outfit that most definitely makes a statement is her famous arm warmer!

To get started on these cosplay must haves, this video suggests you'll need the following:

-black and clear vinyl

-arm warmer printout 

-blue fabric


Let's first take our black vinyl and cut it out according to the measurements below (C=circumference and L=length):

You will then be taking your green vinyl and cutting it approximately the length of the end of the black vinyl long by 3 inches wide.

Take both your black and green vinyl pieces and pin them together at the bottom of the sleeve, making sure that the outsides face each other, and then sew the pieces together!